Fancy Times in Vegas

Thursday, October 22, 2015 Emily Childers 0 Comments


Rose Rabbit Lie at the Cosmopolitan- I wasn't sure if this should go under Food or Activities, as it's a bit of both. The small plates cost about $10 per bite (so plan on spending a ton of money or leaving hungry) and the cocktails will set you back $20 a pop. If you can find the budget (or have the self restraint to eat very little) it's so worth it. I swear. Performers roam the venue and put on shows  in every corner of the dining room and bar. There are (super sexy) tap dancing twins that dance on the bars and tables. There's a funeral for a goldfish in a hidden back room. If you can find the secret bar, enjoy a cocktail while rifling through their selection of records or chat with the off-duty performers. This corner of RRL is best after hours when the show is complete and all of the musicians and performers come in for a drink. At least that's what we found on a girls night out when we got extra cozy with the band.

This is David. David sat down at our table and shared our water. Swoon.
The view of the back of the stage from our table.
We got lots of up close interaction with the performers.

STK at the Cosmopolitan- Obviously I like the Cosmo... This steakhouse is somewhere between a club and a restaurant, with pumping music that makes conversation less important than dancing in your seat. The food is phenomenal albeit expensive. I dined here with a "high roller" so our meal was comped and thus I'm biased, but the service is exceptional and the quality is outstanding. I never feel cool (or rich) enough to fit in here, but it's fun to pretend.

Raku- I haven't eaten here yet, but according to our foodie friends this is the place for Japanese in Vegas. Word on the street is to order the Omakase (chef's choice). Obviously this isn't a great idea if you don't love seafood, but if you're open minded it's supposed to be out of this world. Call ahead for reservations as this place is extremely popular.

Picasso at the Bellagio- The Menu Dégustation is out of this world. Every bite was perfect, I didn't know food could taste that good. We splurged and added the wine pairing, which made us feel extra fancy and also elevated the flavors of the food (and gave us a good buzz). Ask for a table outside and you'll get a front row seat to the fountain water show every 30 minutes. We've also eaten at Joel Robuchon at the MGM, and while it was decadent and delicious and the restaurant is gorgeous, it cost three times as much and I didn't think it was three times as good. Back when the Michelin guide came to Vegas, Joel Robuchon got three stars, so it's worth a visit if you're a star chaser with deep pockets.

The view from our table was almost as lovely as my dining partner.


The Grand Canyon- If you have a full day available, I highly recommend a day trip to the Grand Canyon. You can either drive the 4 hours to the national park (which is beautiful and my favorite place for weekend camping) or 2.5 hours to Grand Canyon West. The downside of Grand Canyon West is that it is privately owned and more expensive; they also have strict photo rules that are pretty ridiculous. I've heard good things about the hosted day tours if you're not interested in driving yourself.

Grand Canyon National Park November 2014
Clubs- Unce unce unce unce unce... If this is your scene then awesome, you're in the right place. Every club has a guest list so you can get in for free if you take the time to get on one. You need at least an equal number of females and males to get on the list, but the more females you have the better. Even if you get in for free, drinks will set you back $25 each in larger clubs. If you want a place to sit, expect to pay $1500+ to reserve a table with bottle service. I prefer the smaller clubs with specials for women, like Body English at Hard Rock (which is sadly now closed) that had a free open bar for women on the guest list until 1am. Sorry I'm not much help in this department, obviously this isn't my scene!

Major Production Shows- Vegas has some of the best entertainment in the world, but it isn't cheap. Anything by Cirque du Soleil is amazing (except Criss Angel, we spent the whole show laughing at him, not with him). We've seen all of the Cirque shows, and even through they're all amazing our favorite is KÀ. If you buy online using the link above you'll usually get the best deal; if you go to a Tix 4 Tonight booth you can find discounted tickets, but they're not usually any cheaper than what you can find online. I've heard great things about La Reve at the Wynn, but haven't had the pleasure of going yet. If you have a twisted sense of humor, Absinthe at Caesar's is hilarious and has a really talented group of performers.

Spa Services- My favorite way to nurse a hangover is in a fluffy white robe after being massaged into oblivion. Basically all of the big casinos have spas, but they were not created equally. Prices vary greatly, and if you are wiling to venture off the strip a bit they become a lot more reasonable. Our go to spa is Drift at The Palms as they always seem to have a deal on Travelzoo ($80 for an hour massage). You get full access to the facilities including the pool and coed hamman (steam bath) so it's worth hanging out for a couple hours.

Hammam at Drift Spa
Gun Ranges- Vegas is full of gun ranges offering ridiculous packages to kill zombies or go through a tactical course in a helicopter. I lean more towards the cheapo handgun options, but the sky's literally the limit here.