White Rock Trail

Sunday, January 10, 2016 Emily Childers 0 Comments

The post holiday blues have been seriously bringing me down. Anyone else have that issue too? Instead of wallowing at home, I headed out to Red Rock with some friends hoping that a hike would help. No surprise, it did.

We parked at the lower lot at the White Rock Trailhead to avoid driving up a pitted gravel road in our compact sedan. There was snow on the mountains and in shady spots along the trail, which made the whole trip extra scenic.

Powdered sugar dusting of snow on the mountains. Yum.
Super cozy!
Nick came along with the promise of pancakes afterwards. I'm not above bribes.

Our friends look tiny on that rock in the middle of the shot
We hiked to the saddle at the highest point of the trail and our friends clambered up some icy boulders to get to a vista. From where I was standing the acoustics were amazing, we had a full conversation in our normal voices. They were convinced I was hiding 10 feet below them on the mountain since I sounded so close. Magic.

Hello up there!
Nick was so excited about pancakes that he basically skipped down the road to the car before the rest of us. Too bad I had the keys.

This is one of my favorite quick hikes in Red Rock and I'm excited to go back and do the full loop.