Stuffed Like a Turkey

Monday, November 30, 2015 Emily Childers 0 Comments

There's something bittersweet about making it through a major holiday. Family stayed with us for about a week, culminating in a 20 person Thanksgiving dinner. It was an absolute blast, but with the relief of having an empty (and clean) house came a sadness that it all went so quickly. Sometimes I wish I could put life on slo-mo and really savor it. In the heat of the moment I end up in a hurry to get everything done instead of focusing on the joy around me.

Like an idiot I didn't take any photos of the food, but take my word that it was delicious! I made bacon and apple dressing (this was my favorite dish), cornbread dressing, Alton Brown's turkey recipe, and a cranberry fizz house cocktail. I bought the bread, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce from Costco to cut down on my prep work. My sister in law made the most decadent almond and lemon butter green beans and her parents brought apple and pumpkin pies.

We set up the tables and bar area the night before so they were all ready to go on Thanksgiving. Basically we did as much prep as possible so we weren't rushed or stressed on the day of the party.

The flowers were from Albertson's; $37 made five arrangements, including the large centerpiece above. I'm a sucker for fresh flowers so I always try to incorporate them into my tablescapes. We strategically rearranged the living room to accommodate enough seating for everyone and rented extra chairs from a local company ($11 for 8 chairs). Things couldn't have gone smoother!

A friend bought a couple packages of tupperware to share, which was super smart. We had excessive leftovers so it was wonderful to be able to send people home with packages of food. We still ended up eating turkey, ham, and stuffing through the weekend. I'm ready for a month of salads.

It was incredible being able to host our friends and family and spend so much quality time with them. This year I was most thankful for all of them.