On Imperfection

Monday, August 24, 2015 Emily Childers 0 Comments

So I love beautiful things. I love looking at blogs with perfectly styled vignettes. I gawk at gorgeous waif thin women modeling their weekly wardrobes that cost more than my car. Sometimes it feels like if I look at enough of these dreamy images that my life will start to reflect the same glow. Apparently this is not the case.

This is either me prancing towards perfection or a zombie running towards me. Either way I probably lose.

Granted, I really enjoy reading this type of carefully cultivated content. Sometimes I even get something out of it, like a great recipe or a DIY project. Problems tend to arise when I forget that this is just a sliver of reality. It's easy to imagine that their life always looks like the best of Pinterest (I'm looking at you LC). My FOMO starts to spiral out of control.

This girl even has perfect light shooting out of her tits. How can I live up that kind of perfection?

My day to day life is gritty. It involves pooping, farting, pimples, dirty laundry, leftovers served in front of the tv, and dog hair EVERYWHERE. Not to mention the muffin top that tempts strangers to ask me if I'm pregnant. Yeah that really happened, but is a story for another day.

At the time I was just sad. In retrospect I'm more angry at the jerk who made the comment. Doesn't she know you don't ask a girl if she's pregnant until the baby is crowning?

My life is imperfect. It can also be beautiful. I try to remember that it's the imperfections that make the beauty so poignant. So when I start to feel inadequate, I close my laptop, put down my phone, and try to find a piece of the world that will make me feel better. Usually it's my dogs. Okay fine, it's almost always my dogs.

Dogs in sweaters, nothing is more perfect.