Friday Night Tourist Date

Sunday, August 30, 2015 Emily Childers 0 Comments

Nick and I have gotten into the habit of staying in and spending the evening in comfortable silence, or worse, on different computers deeply engrossed in our own activities. This is fine, but every once in a while we make a point to get dressed up, comb our hair, and go out on a date. This time around we decided to play tourist and head down to the strip to walk around and grab dinner. Like the half-assed blogger I am, I failed to take any pictures of the two of us together. Oops!

As a consolation, here's Koa being sassy

We parked at the Cosmopolitan since it doesn't involve driving on Las Vegas Blvd; also it has the best parking garage ever. Each space has a light over it that is green if it's open and red if it's taken. This might sound trivial, but when you're searching for a spot in a 95% full garage this makes finding an open space incredibly easy. Well done Cosmo.

I see you open spot!
We walked through the Cosmo and over to the Bellagio to check out the summer display in their garden. It was a toasty 105 degrees out so luckily the outdoor walking was minimal. The theme this summer appears to be "under the sea" and it was vibrant and beautiful. I'm never let down by the Bellagio gardens.


We walked back out the front to watch the fountain show. They play different songs for each show, we caught a Pavarotti number.

From the Bellagio we walked down Las Vegas Blvd to a breezeway that crosses the street over to Paris. At this point I was sweating like a pig and my feet were starting to throb a little in my heels so we paused our walk and grabbed a table on the patio at Mon Ami Gabi. This is usually a great idea, but unluckily for us our table was in the far back corner (away from the open doors and cool air conditioned breeze) so we continued to bake in the heat. Oops again. The highlight of the meal was the St. Germaine Spritz, which came in a super cute little pitcher. I almost "accidentally" put it in my purse and took it home, but decided to be a good patron and leave it there.

After dinner, we waddled through Paris and followed a sign to free dark chocolate tasting. Usually signs advertising free candy lead to things like waking up in a bathtub with your kidneys removed, but in this case it was legit. We ended up in Hexx (previously the Sugar Factory) sitting at a bar in front of their newly installed chocolate factory.

We got to sample dark chocolate from different countries, each made solely of cacao beans and palm sugar. Our personal favorite was from Venezuala, but they were all delicious (and free!).

We spent less than $100 on a white tablecloth meal, drinks, entertainment, and dessert. Score! We went home feeling full and reconnected. It was lovely to spend some time outside of our normal bubble. After two years of marriage and nine years of couple-dom, we've learned that taking the time to cherish each other really pays off. As Nick very eloquently put it, you may be married but you should never stop dating. I think he's a keeper.