DIY Dinosaur Painting

Monday, August 24, 2015 Emily Childers 0 Comments

I'm a huge fan of DIY, although usually the results aren't quite Pinterest worthy. A friend recently sent me a picture from her doctor's office that was surprising and hilarious all at once:

I immediately wanted to try. While waiting for my car to get serviced I did a quick walk through of our local thrift store and was lucky enough to find the perfect little painting for $3. It's a landscape, already framed, and is only about a foot wide. Perfect.

Instead of free handing the placement of the dinosaur, I decided to start with a quick photo hack. I found a cool looking picture of a velociraptor (thank you Google images) and used PowerPoint to place the dinosaur onto a photo of the painting.

Awesome. Knowing that my painting will never look as good as the professional dinosaur image stolen from the internet I hit the ground running and lowered every expectation possible. I used my photo hack as a guide but took lots of liberty with color and texture (because in all honesty I couldn't duplicate that detail if I tried). After about an hour of putzing around I realized I didn't just want a dinosaur in my painting. I wanted a fucking fairytale dinosaur. Based on the idyllic little cottage in the background, what better character to channel than little red riding hood. My dino got a picnic basket and I declared my experiment a success.

I'm sure I'll go back and touch up little Miss Raptor, but for now I'm going to embrace her imperfection.