I'm back!

Whoa. It's been a while. To my three readers, I seriously apologize for the extreme absence. It has been a crazy half year, including but not limited to:

  • A car accident and brain bleed (booo)
  • Moving to the Bay Area (hooray!)
  • Sleeping way more than normally required (see above brain bleed)
  • Becoming an Aunt (double hooray!)
  • Attempting to get my career back on track after months of subpar performance (once again, see above brain bleed)
  • Lots of camping
  • Even more family time

There's a lot to unpack from the past few months, and I don't feel quite ready yet to get into it... but in the meantime, here's a TED talk I like to revisit periodically to take a step back and remind myself of what's really important (spoiler: human connection).

Reduced Carb Shepherd's Pie

I've been making shepherd's pies with pureed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes since I can remember, but it always come out a little lackluster. There isn't enough starch in the cauliflower to brown up in the oven and it's always a little too runny. Last night I decided to try something new, and it was a wild success.

Don't mind the spotty wine glass

Working from Home

I'm in the middle of transitioning to a new position within my company, which has gotten me thinking a lot about how working from home has affected my career. I started my job working out of an office in California where my manager sat less than 10 feet away from me. After a few years, I moved to Las Vegas and continued working the same job, but from home.

If Oprah Can't...

I recently read this post and it really stuck with me. Mainly the author's "epiphany":

"Oprah is arguably the most accomplished, admired, able person in the world. She creates magic for other people and herself on the regular. So, if Oprah can’t do permanent lifelong weight loss, maybe it can’t be done. Oprah is also crazy rich. If Oprah can’t buy permanent lifelong weight loss, maybe it can’t be bought. And that sucks. But it is also incredibly freeing if you, like me, have thought about your weight so many times throughout every day of your life that it becomes as maddening and distracting as if you’d stowed a beating tell-tale heart beneath your floorboards."


I waffle between feeling validated and incredibly depressed by this. If Oprah, with her arguably unlimited resources, can't maintain her weight loss what chance do I have? Okay, that's the depressing side and I'm going to pretend it doesn't exist. 

Everyone has struggles. Even Oprah. Luckily for me (and unluckily for her), one of her struggles is showcased front and center all over her body. That's right Oprah, I see you. You're not perfect. And that makes me feel just a tiny bit better about my own issues. Especially my own struggle with my weight.

In part thanks to Cassie's reminder that being fat does not make you a bad person, I'm posting a few of my least favorite photos of myself. Once I got past the cringe factor of not liking the way I look, each photo made me smile in its own way. Because I remember what a fun day it was. Or how much I enjoyed spending time with my amazing husband. I am no worse a person because of these photos.

This is one of those photos that ruined my entire day when I first saw it. You know the kind.